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When you experience a plumbing emergency, it can be disorienting, disruptive and, in some cases, disgusting. They feel like they come out of nowhere to disrupt your daily life. However, in hindsight, many of them are actually quite predictable. You just need to know what exactly you’re looking for.


Multiple Slow Drains

 If you have one drain that isn’t draining very quickly or is completely stopped up, you likely have a local clog in that drain. It could soap, hair, or any number of common culprits. However, if you have multiple drains that are draining slowly, you likely have a clog further down. Each individual drain connects to a pipe that eventually combined into a single pipe which is your main sewer pipe. If you have multiple drains clogged, it means that the clog is somewhere that multiple drains connect. Eventually, that clog will grow and the sewage could back up into your yard. You’ll have to have your yard trenched and pipes repaired. If you call a plumber as soon as multiple drains clog, a plumber will be able to clear it before it gets bad.


Low Pressure in Multiple Fixtures

 Low pressure can be the result of your municipal system or a clog in your water lines. If only one fixture has low pressure, it could be a leak in that one fixture. You need to get that fixed quickly. It can be expensive because you have to pay for all water that passes the meter. Also, it could be leaking into your home, which will cause structural problems as well as mold problems. If it’s in multiple fixtures, it’s a clog or a leak closer to the water main. That could be a serious issue and even more expensive.


Water Backing Up

 The third thing you need to look for is water backing up in random fixtures. This often occurs if you use a different fixture. For example, you might drain your bathtub and then see water bubbling up in the bathroom sink. That’s a sign that you have a clog somewhere. Water that should be draining into the sewer main is getting slowed down or stopped somewhere else. That’s making it run back up different pipes. Eventually, those pipes will become completely clogged or they’ll overflow, and you’ll have a very messy emergency.

You can prevent worse problems if you call a plumber as soon as you see these symptoms.

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