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Homeowners are the greatest danger to the pipes in their homes. There are many things that can happen to damage pipes, but the most common is an error from the users. There are things that are supposedly flushable but actually aren’t. There are also things that people say are good for plumbing but aren’t. Here are some things that you should never flush or run down a drain.


1 — Flushable Wipes

 Flushable wipes are those wipes that you use in the bathroom that are labeled as safe for the toilet. However, that’s just not true. Toilet paper is designed to dissolve when it gets wet. That means it will completely break down in the pipes. Flushable wipes are obviously damp, which means that they are not designed to break down in water. They tend not to dissolve and will clog up your plumbing eventually.


2 — Coffee Grounds

 There are some who say that coffee grounds are good for your plumbing because they are coarse, which is supposedly to help scrub the pipes clean. That’s not true, either. Coffee grounds tend to clump together when they are wet. If they hit some other type of obstruction in your pipes, they can form a serious clog.


3 — Solid Fat

 Small amounts of vegetable oil are broken up by soap that runs down your drain, but you should still avoid pouring vegetable oil down the drain. Solid fats absolutely should never go down your drain. It’s easy to forget what might be solid at room temperature when you are cleaning your dishes. For example, if you cook chicken in a pan, there will be a lot of liquid at the bottom. When that liquid returns to room temperature, it will solidify again. If you pour it down your drain as liquid, it will eventually turn back into a solid and clog your drain. Avoid pouring any fat or oil down the drain, but especially anything solid at room temperature.


4 — Flour

 When you’re baking and rinsing off your utensils, flour might run down the drain. You should do everything you can to keep flour out of your drains. Flour is used as a thickening agent in sauces because it congeals when it is mixed with warm liquid. So, when it’s in your pipes, it will congeal fat and liquid in your pipes. That will clog your pipes after a while.

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