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Five Harmful Habits

Five Habits That Are Harming Your Plumbing

Your plumbing can be harmed by many different things; oftentimes, things that are supposed to be okay for your plumbing are actually damaging. Other times, things that you don’t’ even think about are hurting your plumbing.

1 — Flushing the Wrong Stuff

Despite what the packaging on any item says, the only things that should go in your toilet are urine, feces, and toilet paper. When plumbers pull clogs from their clients’ pipes, they oftentimes find flushable wipes. These may claim to be flushable but they do not actually break down in water the way that toilet paper does. They also find cigarette butts, hair, and paper towels. All of these are inappropriate for flushing; you’re better off just throwing them away.

2 — Fat in the Sink

After you’re done cooking, fat and oil will often be liquid. That might trick you into thinking it’s okay to flush down the sink. However, fat is only liquid when it’s warm. When it cools down to room temperature, it turns into a solid. Cooking oil is often liquid at room temperature but it turns into a solid when it is colder. Neither one of them should go down your sink. You’re better off just sealing them in a jar or used bottle and throwing them away.

3 — Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are not fit for the sink or the garbage disposal. Because they are so small but they absorb so much water, they can form clumps that are very difficult for water to pass through. Furthermore, the coffee grounds will cling to anything else that is in the drain. Besides, coffee is great for your plants or lawn. You should just toss it in your flower bushes or add it to the compost.

4 — Food Waste

Food waste should not go down the sink. If you have a garbage disposal that is designed for that, then you’re likely okay. However, a sink without a disposal needs a screen to keep food out. Some foods, even the smallest foods, are more dangerous than others. For example, cereal, rice, and other grains will expand in the presence of water. That means they might fit down your sink at first but they’ll expand over time and clog the drain.

5 — Ignoring the Warning Signs

Most plumbing emergencies begin as small problems that multiply into bigger problems. For example, one clogged drain can turn into two or three until you have to replace pipes all throughout your backyard.

As soon as you have plumbing problems, call a professional to come fix them and inspect your system.

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