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In some households, water heating can account for anywhere from 15% to 20% of a home’s energy costs. For that reason, many homeowners have been attempting to rethink some of their home water heating options. The most popular alternative is a tankless water heater. Put simply, a tankless water heater is one in which the pipes are installed such that the water runs through the water heater. As the water flows past, the water heater heats the water. However, there is no tank of heated water just sitting around. So, a tankless water heater provides on-demand heated water without expending extra energy. Why doesn’t everyone have one? Well, they are not more efficient than tank water heaters in all circumstances. If you want to get on the tankless trend, there are some considerations.


Flow Rate

 You need to consider the amount of water that flows through your water heater at your peak time. The peak water usage differs depending on your home. For some families, the most hot water is used in the morning when everyone showers. In other homes, it might be after dinner. Whatever the case may be, you need to estimate how much water you use. So, you’ll then need to have a tankless system that can accommodate that amount of water. You also need to consider the amount of heating that is needed.

For example, if you are in a warm area, the water being piped into your home might be 75 degrees fahrenheit. You might want to raise it to 110 degrees fahrenheit for your use. That’s a 35 degree change. If you use 50 gallons during your peak hot water usage, your family will need a tankless water heater with a 50 gallons per hour capacity and a 35 degree capability.


Multiple Heaters

 If you have high hot water needs, you might need to actually have multiple tankless water heaters. If you have multiple heaters, you will be able to get away with having lower flow capacities and lower heating capacities. Since those tankless heaters will have lower capacities and lower usage rates, they will consume less energy and suffer less strain.

Essentially, a multiple tankless heater system is an on-demand system. The place that needs hot water gets hot water when you turn the tap but no water is heated unnecessarily. It can save you money and save the environment some stress from depleted resources.

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