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When you think of luxury items in a home, you probably don’t think about your plumbing. However, plumbing is often at the heart of a spa experience. Steam rooms, hot tubs, and other spa items are all based around plumbing. If you hire the right plumber, you can actually recreate that spa experience in your own home.

Luxury Showers

 During the week, your showering might be quick showers before you go to work; however, after a long day of work or on the weekends, it is great to be able to take a long shower. Some luxury shower installations can make that long shower even better. Rainfall showers are popular with many homeowners. Also, some showers have even been adapted to feature steaming components.

To turn your shower into a steam room, you need two basic components. The shower needs to seal pretty well to keep the steam in and not inundate the rest of the house. Also, the shower needs to have a steam generator that is separate from the shower head itself. That will pump steam into the shower. Ask a plumber about installing these luxury items and what you’ll need to do with the rest of your bathroom to make it work. For example, you’ll need something that resists mold because the bathroom will be incredibly humid.

Luxury Tubs

 There are three components of luxury tubs that are more popular than any others; they are massagers, jets, and soakers. Massagers are a type of jet that is designed to mimic the rhythmic pressure of a massage. A jet is obviously a forceful spray of water. Soaker tubs are deeper tubs that are designed to mimic the hot tub experience.

These might require some remodeling and a a little bit of work but they can be installed in most bathrooms. You just need a good plumber to make it work for you.

Luxury Faucets

 Luxury faucets are not just faucets that are compelling designs, though those are popular. Luxury faucets often feature touch technology; you can turn them on and off simply by tapping them. It’s a great feature if you’re worried about germs or if you frequently cook with your hands full. Also, boiling water taps are popular. They are taps that have a separate water boiler underneath them; you can dispense boiling water at a moment’s notice. It greatly reduces many cooking times.

All of these plumbing options are available and growing in popularity. Ask a plumber about them.

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