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Drain clogs

Three Types of Drain Clogs and How to Fix Them

Your home’s plumbing system is relatively simple in concept. Water comes from a well or municipal source through a water main. The water is then distributed by a system of pipes to different fixtures. Those fixtures then drain into different pipes that reconvene into a single pipe or septic tank. When you see different types of clogs in your house, a simple troubleshooting plan can tell you where the clog is occurring and how to solve it.

1 — A Clog in One Drain

If you notice a clog in a drain, you should check other drains to see if they’re also clogging. If it’s only the one drain, that means that the clog is in your specific fixtures and has not worked itself down to the point where the pipes concentrate. You should clear it up as quickly as possible before the drain moves further down the pipes and starts blocking several drains.

If the clog is in the bathroom, it’s likely that hair or soap is causing the problems. You can use a liquid rooter or a drain snake to clear it. You should call a professional to ask them what type of rooter or drain snake you should use. Follow the directions on the package to clear up the clog.

2 — A Clog in Multiple Drains

If you have a clog in multiple drains, that likely me4ans that you have a clog further down in your pipes where the pipes are beginning to collect into a single pipe. This will be much more difficult for you to deal with because it’s farther along in the pipe. You can attempt to use a drain snake to clean out the pipe or even a liquid rooter, but you’ll likely have little success. Your best option for that is to call a professional who will be able to provide you with great plumbing services. A clog is fairly routine, and they’ll likely be able to clear it up pretty quickly. You just need to call before it gets worse.

3 — A Clog in All Drains

If you have a clog in every drain in your house, you likely have a massive clog in your sewer main or in your septic tank. That will be nearly impossible for you to fix yourself. You’ll need a professional to help you. They might need to even cut into your yard and remove a section of pipe.

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