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2 Ways to Make Sure Your Hot Water Heating System Never Fails You

Many essential businesses simply can’t operate without hot water, and for those, it’s time to seek out a reliable, trusted plumbing company in Vallejo. For example, a restaurant that can’t provide their staff with warm water to wash their hands and hot water to wash their dishes is subject to being quickly shut down by their local Health Department. This obviously could result in bad press coverage and significant loss of income if the issue is not promptly addressed. Likewise, a manufacturing plant or company that packages food items would be unable to operate without hot water. 

Beastbay Plumbing in Vallejo Has a Solution For You!

We can help you with all your commercial plumbing needs in Vallejo. Our recommendation from the experts at Beastbay Plumbing is to set up a redundant water heating system for your establishment, and there are two ways to accomplish this. The first way is to set up your system with a simple “cascade” hot water heating system. This means that you will have two or more water heaters linked together. Suppose a failure occurs and the primary unit is no longer working. In that case, the system automatically switches to the secondary or backup unit to ensure you do not lose hot water. One caveat to this type of system is that you may not realize your primary water heater has failed and the secondary one has taken over the work. It is a seamless process, and with that comes the risk of you not noticing that the changeover has occurred. 

Routine maintenance is key to keeping both units up and running. At Beastbay Plumbing, we specialize in every type of plumbing service in Vallejo. You can call us for regular maintenance or schedule your service calls ahead of time to avoid forgetting (the highly recommended method). We know you’re busy, and advance scheduling is the best way to keep this critical item off your “to-do” list. 

Beastbay Plumbing’s Preferred Method

The second option for the way we can set up your hot water heating system is called a “balanced” system, where each of two (or more) hot water heaters is set up to work at a lower capacity than it was designed for. Each unit contributes to the group effort, resulting in less wear and tear on a single unit. At Beastbay Plumbing, we recommend the balanced system as it is the most efficient way to ensure your water heaters have the longest life. 

As mentioned, we provide complete plumbing services for Vallejo, from emergency repairs like a clogged toilet or sink to sewer inspections and sewer line repairs in Vallejo, utilizing our innovative system that minimizes disruptions and expensive damage to your yard or driveway. We’re available with a quick call to (833)213-6280 or through our website. We are dedicated to getting your job done right, right now! 

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